Your Guide to Buying Baby Scales in 2015

Baby Scales Direct We have compiled hundreds of hours of research to find and rate some of the worlds latest baby scales. If you do a quick search online, you will be bombarded with different options and models of scales to choose from.  

Obviously, this can become very tiring for a new mother. That's why we thought we would create a website to make it easy for you to search and find the perfect baby scale to suit you. We cover all the main brands, such as: Beurer, Edko, Meby, Salter, Topcom, Aqua Scale and much, much more.

Why Should You Use Scales to Weigh Your Baby?

When a baby is born, it is very important for you to get them weighed on a regular basis to ensure that they are developing properly.

It is vitally important that if your baby is born early or has medical problems that you weigh them at regular intervals. Many infant scales are designed to measure the intake of breast milk. For newborns, specialised scales can measure the difference of half a teaspoon of milk. When you are buying the scales, precision should be at the top of your priority.

Weighing your Baby

If you suspect that your baby maybe loosing weight, you must consult your doctor immediately. Weight loss in early infants should be dealt with with the up most severity.

When weighing your baby, you must ensure that you are doing it 100% correctly, to discount the possibility of getting an incorrect reading.

It is recommended that you weigh your baby at least once a week to get the most accurate readings. Do take into account that not every reading will be a true reflection of the baby's weight. You should take into consideration the following; when the last time you fed the baby, when was the last time the baby urinated or produced excrement, e.t.c.

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  • Is Your Baby Gaining/Loosing Weight?


    The first thing you should do if you think your baby maybe gaining or loosing weight is to consult your doctor immediately. In the meantime you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is you baby able to digest the food you are giving without bringing it back up?
  • Are you feeding the baby 5 to 6 days per day?
  • If you are using a popular brand of baby formular, have you ensured that you have mixed it correctly?
  • Even if you still think that you have covered all of these bases, we would still highly recommend seeking the advice of a qualified professional.

    If you are unsure as to whether you think you need a baby scale, just get in touch with us and we will give you the best advice we can.

    Deciding What Scales are Best for You

    On our website we rate the scales out of ten on 5 key aspects. These aspects are what you should look out for when looking to buy online. The aspects are as follows:

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Features

    If you cover all of these basis, you should go far wrong. Some of the scales come with lots and lots of feature to choose from, which can sometimes be confusing, However, if you follow our rating system, this should help you make the best decision for you.

    Remember the only way to tell if your baby's digestive system is functioning correctly is by weighing them on a regular basis. Be sure to note that it is not uncommon for a baby to loose up to 7% in the first weeks when coming out of the hospital. However, if they start loosing up to 10% your doctor may become concerned.

    After you have given birth you will probably feel a mixture of exhaustion and happiness, however be sure to ask the midwives/doctors some important questions. Before leaving the hospital make sure you ask what the baby's discharge weight is. Make a note of this, as this is very important to use this as a bench mark when weighing in the future.

    When you begin breast feeding, your baby should be gaining around 1oz a day. This will continue for the first few months of your child's life.

    Keep in mind that when your child begins to put on weight, they should not start losing weight. If this happens you should consult your doctor immediately. This means that there could be a possible underlying health concern with your child.

    Weighing Premature Babies

    For babies that have be born early (pre 37 weeks), it is vitally important that you closely monitor weight gain or weight loss in the early stages. Premature babies need to start gaining weight within a few days after birth. If they do not, again there could be an underlying health concern which needs to be addressed by a physician.

    What About Toddlers?

    When your baby has passed the 12 month mark generally you need to weigh your little one less often. However, many doctors and medical professionals believe you should weigh toddlers every two months to monitor their development. If you would like to have any more information on monitoring the weight of your toddler, don't hesitate to give us an email.